Nothing much has changed since I’ve returned home from my two-month trip abroad. And yet things feel so different. I’ve always wondered what traveling the world would entail. I always pictured new horizons painted in red sunsets and a lot of laughter. But no one really talks about the costs of leaving home in order to […]

The human body is necessary for proper and clear communication. When human emotion cannot be observed and experienced, many will lean on words to describe their current state-of-being. However, without seeing the glint in a human eye, the widening of a human mouth, or the gestures of a human hand, vague phrases like “I’m fine” […]

“You’re a heathen for being a film major.” “Well okay. You go and preach your Bible to that 30 or 40-person tribe out in the middle of nowhere while I’m going to make films that will reach 2 million people.” ———— While on a film set this past weekend, I met a crew member –for […]

“I know my students. You guys are young. You all want to explore. All of you would travel to the ends of the universe if it were possible. But to look within yourself and see the darkness, the brokenness, and the unresolved issues you’re so anxious to hide from the world… well, that’s another story. […]

It has come to my attention that I have not posted a single thing since May and for that, I apologize. But I have returned, more determined and eager than when you last found me. My first semester of my sophomore year of college has drawn to a close. A teacher I once had during […]

As the days draw closer and closer to my missions trip (Yes, I am going on my first missions trip to Vietnam next week), it seems I’ve taken quite some spiritual prosecution from a member of my own family. As I type away, I find myself growing with an unbearable sadness in my heart. At […]

This is a screenshot from Northern Lights, a film projected I helped to direct with a couple of friends. Northern Lights is a short about seeing the world through the perspective of another. In this case, it’s through the perspective of a deaf student. Although it didn’t win Best Drama at the Biola CMA Film […]


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